The composition of flours used to make our Pinsa is a secret

However the following ingredients are the most important:

  • All the ingredients for our dough are rigorously Organic and GMO Free
  • Wheat Flour: Organic, Unbleached, 100% Italian Wheat, the basis of Italian Cuisine
  • Soy Flour: Organic and GMO Free, gives crispiness and fragrance
  • Rice Flour: Retains water during cooking and improves the rising process, making our dough lighter than a classic modern pizza
  • Lievito Madre (Natural Mother Yeast): gives high digestibility to our Pinsa, very important for the rising process
  • Extra virgin Olive oil: gives crispiness and flavour to the dough
  • Salt: improves the natural flavour of our Pinsa
  • Water (80% / 85% hydration): not only gives a greater fragrance, but also allows to use less flour in the dough, considerably reducing the amount of carbohydrates, calories and fat in the final product, making our Pinsa light and highly digestible.

LaPinsa is not just about Pizza, we make fresh homemade Pasta, Salads, Bruschettas and Dessert in respect of the Authentic Italian Tradition.

LaPinsa is passion for authentic good food and is for everyone!
Are you Gluten Intolerant? Then you must try our Gluten Free Pinsa Base and Gluten Free Pasta!

Our Pasta
where modern pizza comes from!

The word “pinsa” comes from the Latin “pinsere” which means “to stretch”.
It has ancient origins, so that the nowadays pizza can be seen as a revival and a reinterpretation of the old recipe that dates back to Ancient Roman Empire, with new ingredients and modern processing techniques.

The original recipe comes from the peasant populations which were using the milling of grains such as millet, barley and spelt to cook a kind of oval or round flat bread used as a serving dish for meats and vegetables, considered also as a prestigious offer to the Gods.

Think you’ve eaten an Italian pizza?

Not unless you’ve tried the real deal with our delicious, authentic Roman Version!

Our Pinsa

The Real taste of Italian Street Food! Our Traditional Roman Recipe has a Rising Process of 36h which makes our “Pizza” dough Soft, Crispy, Light and Easy to Digest.


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